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A Perfect Storm – How companies are moving to a Services and Outcome based way of getting work done

Many companies around the world have now found themselves in a perfect storm of disruption over the last 12 months and the world has obviously been rocked by the appearance of the Coronavirus.

Does remote working impact tech career progression?

The move to remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic created a boom in demand within the tech industry. There has been a huge drive for expertise in cloud and infrastructure, cyber security, data science and change management, to name a few.

Making diversity, inclusion and creativity work in tech

Equity, diversity and inclusion are driving forces of innovation, with many tech leaders, such as Sabina Ewing, CIO of Pfizer Upjohn, recognising that teams with diverse backgrounds and mindsets drive transformational growth. As the world of tech continues to push the remote work agenda and adopt remote or hybrid working models, what impact will this have on the level of creativity and inclusion at your own organisation?

How COVID helped us learn to innovate.

The year 2020 was one of seismic change for everyone, both at home and at work. Businesses were forced to evolve and adapt rapidly in light of the COVID-19 crisis. In the year where hybrid and home working, virtual meetings, social distancing and face masks became the new normal, many organisations had to completely revamp their business models and working practices.

How AI and Automation can enhance customer experience

How do we demonstrate the value of AI, so that people are comfortable to share richer data? What are the potential benefits to each stakeholder, and at what point does automation negatively impact the customer experience?

Cyber Security: Everything you need to know

Cyber security breaches have recently made global headlines, many of which have been attributed to a rapidly expanded online world because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, there is a heightened push not only to prevent such attacks from happening, but to develop IT and security infrastructure that can deal with these differing and increased online demands.

How to make sustainability part of your business

Sustainability has been moving up the agenda for many businesses,. A 2020 IBM study found that 71 per cent of consumers surveyed indicated that traceability of products is very important to them, and that they are willing to pay a premium for brands that provide it.

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